black gold, 3-dimensional wall-to-wall art, abigail deville

black gold [continued]

hand-carved print, danielle jones, 14

multi-dimensional ceramic sculpture, danielle jones, 14

I was heading to an art showcase for my sister, danielle
and my niece, run by a not-for-profit organization called
bronx river arts center. given the heat-wave, I pulled my
hair up into a high chignon and wore my boyfriend's
button-down shirt [my way of being formal but still casual]
adding red lips, since it is an art show after all.

I was blown away by the talented group of 5-18 year-olds
and their level of creativity, the work above [which I
could barely edit down] speaks for itself.

interpreting the world through their own lens without
any boundaries is what I admired most about them.

button-down shirt calvin klein. earrings guenevere rodriguez.
belt grandma's. shoes joan vass, shoes. bag louis vuitton.