live, love,

everything moves so quickly. the year's almost over. we're almost
another year older. the seasons are changing quicker. its nice to sit
for a second and not think about the future so much, and just enjoy 
the present. do we ever? 

my friend maya gave me a set of questions to answer a little while
back for her blog, and i loved them because it forces you to think 
about what you're doing at this very moment, so i decided to try this 

I'm listening to no doubt- tragic kingdom
I'm buying less
I'm holding on to my glasses
I'm excited about going to yoga regularly                
I'm spending time organizing
I'm eating shrimp pad thai
I'm drinking hot chocolate
I'm reading the richest man that ever lived
I'm shopping at estate jewelry shops
I'm watching coco before chanel
I'm hanging out at cafes [the above is at epistrophy]
I'm giving up laziness
I'm collecting lipsticks in different shades
I can't live without my sisters and real friends
I'm traveling to chicago

what would your responses say about you?

dress h&m. tights norma kamali. grey cable knit thigh highs D.I.Y. boots michael kors.