I love leather.
which is something I definitely get from
my mom, who would wear head to toe leather
ensembles...so old school. she bought me
these leather shorts when I was about 16
years old from wilson's leather store [not
sure if they're even still around] and
occasionally she'd find purchases like this
that I would agree on.

I had an epiphany when I put these on for
the first time in a while for a summer friday
roof top party...this is why people hold on
to pieces forever! I appreciate the shorts
now, more than I ever did back in high school.
that's the beauty with classic pieces, even
though it's a bit of a non-traditional classic
[if that makes sense].

and of course the karl lagerfeld aka "kaiser"
t-shirt is timeless without mention.

least expensive - karl lagerfeld for h&m t-shirt

most expensive [but priceless] - wilson leather
shorts from mom

boots dr. martens.