ready, set, go...

photographer: maya villager

fashion week is just a couple of hours away,
with shows starting tomorrow along with the
big fashion night out [which everyone should
partake]. i'm actually looking forward to it-
the shows, the parties and having a reason to
dress-up [not that I need any]. although,
i tend to gravitate towards more easy breezy
looks like this one [which I shot for turned
out again]. it's nice to go baggy when everyone's
doing a straight leg, and flowy when they're all
wearing skin-tight pieces. it's good to mix it
up a bit.

Nonetheless, I'll be bringing you into the tents
with me or in most cases, recession-chic venues
outside of the tents. stay tuned...

blouse vintage. jeans prps. shoes miu miu.
watch swatch. wristband chanel. rings guenevere