the sartorialust

i'm beyond excited that scott schuman aka the sartorialist has published his first book, it's an amazing compilation of his photography. it's like you can carry his blog in your bag now. he has this keen eye for capturing style in different places around the globe which makes him an exceptional talent, and also why I was honored to be apart of his book [it's the red dress image at the bottom of this page]. tons of followers, friends and fashion folk came out to the book signing at barney's new york. and the lovely garance dore [the woman to the left], is the french female version of scott. she's amazingly chic and so is her blog [she's my new girl crush]. it has a very personalized tone with adorable illustrations.

like these two, i appreciate all style, so i most certainly appreciate their inspirational work.

*the dress, i actually found at a thrift shop for $20! it was made for me the moment i tried it on. the upside and downside to buying things at thrift shops are that there's almost always just one piece. if you love it so much you want to buy a second- you're out of luck.